Sun Song

A happy Friday to all!

There is so much great music out there. And sometimes, the most remarkable songs come to us by chance, as if by serendipity. In the past year, I heard many songs that I had never known before, some of them from as far back as the 1980s!

Another recent discovery for me is Laura Veirs (b. 1973), a folk/alternative singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon, USA. Released ten years ago, her “Sun Song” is a joyful, grateful homage to the sun and how its presence warms us and lifts our moods.

The piece has gorgeous melodies, superb guitar (I hear acoustic, electric and a little pedal steel) and a beautiful string arrangement carried on a soft rhythm section.

The official video for “Sun Song” is reminiscent of Super 8-type home movies of the 1960s and ’70s, with rural scenes of cottage country and a summer festival and, of course, sunny skies.

“First rays of light are coming through
Been several months since I saw that much blue
Water a-rushing in the banks
Freed from the ice

It has the sun, the sun to thank
It has the sun, the sun to thank

Matches inside your golden hair
Catch all the light I’d fight to the death, I swear
As all the other mothers would, the land
Stalked by winter, solace in a small warm hand

We’ve got the sun, the sun to thank
We’ve got the sun, the sun to thank

Early morning riser to the east
Shadows fall behind me, shiner never sleep
‘Til that day I’ll bask in everything
That you paint, the arrows and the wheat

We’ve got the sun, the sun to thank
We’ve got the sun, the sun to thank
We’ve got the sun, the sun to thank
We’ve got the sun, the sun to thank”

“Sun Song,” by Laura Veirs. Lyrics retrieved from

It’ll be a few months before the sun frees the frozen waters of our rivers in Winnipeg, Canada and coaxes up the wheat fields that surround our city; in the meantime, today has been a sunny day and, looking at the blue sky from my warm home listening to Veirs, I’m thankful for the sun, and her beautiful take on it.

“Sun Song” is the opening track from Warp and Weft (2013), Veirs’ ninth studio album. The song features backing vocals by fellow American singer-songwriter Neko Case, a member of the Canadian group The New Pornographers (please check out my post on Case singing lead on their song “Champions of Red Wine”).

Now you know a little about why this is my Song of the Day for Today. Thanks for joining me here. Please enjoy.

Here’s the video for “Sun Song” from the official Laura Veirs YouTube channel.

With my best wishes,


2 thoughts on “Sun Song

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for stopping by. While this site was on hiatus, I took note of the titles of many songs that I liked and would want to share at some point. Before restarting the daily blog, I had an idea of the songs from that long list that I wanted to start off with, but I have been writing content every day. I hope you are enjoying the posts.


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