I first heard the music of English musician and singer-songwriter Nick Mulvey (b. 1984) on Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour which airs Sundays on BBC 6 Music. That program has been a staple of my musical diet for years, though I haven’t listened to it much in the last month or two.

From the first listen, I became enamoured with Mulvey’s voice and alternative/indie folk stylings. (I’ve previously posted two of his songs, “I Don’t Want to Go Home” and “Fever to the Form.” If you haven’t seen them before, please check out those posts after you’re finished here!)

“Unconditional” is an ode of adoration to the writer’s lover; at the same time, he demonstrates that either partner can lose sight of the unconditionality of their love and may need reassurance. But the foundation of that love is strong enough to keep bringing the light shining again. It’s quite a beautiful piece.

Venus by my side
Nowhere you can hide
It’s something to know
No matter where you are
The Venus light is shining in your star
And it’s back with my heart again
Saying that you do
Loving inside you
It’s nothing to know
Knowing that you are
The Venus light is shining in your star

Oh come on
It was right here all along
What you’re looking for is never gone
How did we do this, we’re here
Hold me close and hold me near


How could I resist
Underneath it all
The way that you undress
The mark upon your lip
The Venus light is shining in your kiss

Oh come one
It was right here all along
What you’re missing was never gone
How did we do this, we’re here
Hold me close and hold me near


“Unconditional,” by Dean Brodrick, Nick Mulvey, Federico Bruno.
Lyrics retrieved from AZLyrics.com.

The song is beautifully written and played, with wonderful little vocal surprises such as the African-influenced chanting by the backup singers.

“Unconditional” was the first of three singles to be released from Mulvey’s second studio album, Wake Up Now (2017) and the Wake Up Now (Unplugged) EP (also 2017).

Now you know a little about why this is my Song of the Day for Today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy.

Here’s the video of a live, unplugged performance of the song by Mulvey and his band, from his official YouTube channel. If you like the song, please give the artist a thumb’s up on the video and subscribe if you want to find more by him.

HWhat did you think of the song? Does it resonate with you and feelings about your intimate partner? Please let me know in the comments… and feel free to suggest a song you’d like me to feature on the blog!

And now, it’s on to pizza and movie night with my sweety!

With my best wishes,


4 thoughts on “Unconditional

  1. I’ve been listening to the ‘Wake Up Now’ album while cooking, and have enjoyed every track on it! The studio version of “Unconditional” is a little different than the video I shared: studio track is a minute shorter, plus it contains some great horns. The influence I mention above on the backup vocals continues through the album, like a thread of joy woven through it. First time listening to a whole album by Mulvey, and it won’t be the last! (Back to cooking now, and we need to choose a movie…)


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