Do you ever feel like life needs a “reset” button when things are out of control? Or maybe things are so off-kilter that total reprogramming is what’s needed…

That’s what Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-based Hannah Georgas (b. 1983) is saying in “Robotic.”

“Someone fill me in on what I missed
Come on give me hope, tell me anything
’Cause I’ve been on another side, on another trail

I don’t mean no harm
Don’t mean much these days
I can come back another time
I can come back any day
But I’ve been in another world
And I’m trying to escape

I want to be reprogrammed
I want to be robotic
No more blood in these veins
I want to press reset

Go on brush it off
’Cause no one sees it anyway
Come on you’re much too soft
If you want to win you’ve gotta play
I think it’s easier for you to say

I want to be reprogrammed
I want to be robotic
No more blood in these veins
I want to press reset
I want to press reset
I want to press reset

“Robotic,” by Ryan Guldemond, Hannah Georgas.
Lyrics retrieved from

Georgas recorded “Robotic” on her second studio album, Hannah Georgas (2012), which won best pop album of the year in 2013 at the Western Canada Music Awards. She has also received Polaris, Juno and The Verge (Sirius XM) award nominations.

The song has been recorded numerous times as a stripped-down version, and that’s what I’m featuring today: a video of Georgas singing with acoustic guitar accompaniment. It was filmed in 2013 at 69 Vintage, a clothing store in Toronto, Canada by Wood & Wires, a music and film production company.

Georgas is one of the Canadian artists I’d regularly hear on CBC Radio 3 (the national broadcaster’s internet radio presence for new alternative music) when I was a regular listener years ago. R3 (as it is sometimes called) gave her their Bucky Award for best new artist in 2009, the year she released her debut EP, The Beat Stuff. I like Georgas’ voice and the instrumentation of her backing band and have been enjoying acoustic versions of several of her songs. Her indie pop is not overly complex but is pleasing to the ear.

Now you know a little about why this is my Song of the Day for Today. Thanks for joining me here. Please enjoy the video from Wood & Wires:

And, here’s the full-band, album version from the Hannah Georgas YouTube channel:

With my best wishes,


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