Staying Home

Starting today, I’m teaming up with my son Kieran in a special series on Song of the Day for Today. For nine days, I’ll feature a song from his latest album, Dark Little Ones (2023). I hope you’ll love the songs as much as I do, and that you will enjoy the words we share about each one.

Kieran began playing the piano at age four, violin at eight, then writing songs and forming bands at 15 and has performed in numerous genres, including folk-rock, outlaw country, alternative rock, and heavy metal. When he was 18, his band won a province-wide contest held by CBC Radio One. Music has always been in his life and has always been something we shared as a family, like whenever we were driving anywhere.

On to today’s selection… I’m sure we’ve all heard songs where touring musicians lament long periods away from their homes, loved ones and routines. For me, a great example of this is the Jason Collett/Hayden collaboration “Lonely Is as Lonely Does.” Turning this practice on its head is Kieran’s opening track on Dark Little Ones, “Staying Home.” It begins as a quietly reflective piece, reminiscing about some simple pleasures he was missing about touring when he wrote the song.

I’d describe “Staying Home” as a slow-burn show-starter that eventually erupts into a rousing arena rock number. On this track, producer and recording engineer (and bassist in the band) Matt Filopoulos creates a dreamy soundscape underneath the guitars that reminds me of the production stylings of English musician, author and visual artist Brian Eno.

Here’s what Kieran says about “Staying Home”: “When I wrote this song, I knew it would be the first song on an album. I heard it in my head with the delayed guitars to start off and the band kicking in halfway through. I wrote it sitting on the edge of my bed while I was living at my aunt and uncle’s…” He adds, “This song is about missing tour, but more broadly it is about the self doubt I have always carried about my artistry. I have always felt second best. Unworthy. This is something I still struggle with. I am learning slowly over time to not compare myself to others. I am an individual. I love music, and that is what gives me worth. Not whether or not I’m better than someone else.”

“I watch through my window
as the bands are leaving town
and I hear the stories
when they all come back around
I’m feeling restless
I’m feeling restless staying home

I miss the east coast
I miss the west
is this a virtue
is this a test
and I miss the cold air
from the front window to the back seat
and I miss the new friends
and the old ones and every in between
I’m feeling restless
I’m feeling restless staying home”

Words and music © 2022 by Kieran West.

Kieran West: lead vocal and rhythm guitar
Matt Filopoulos: bass guitar
Dan Bertnick: drums
Micah Erenberg (The Secret Beach): lead guitar
Amber Nielsen (from Sweet Alibi): backing vocal

Many of Kieran’s songs tackle issues that have affected his life and sense of self-worth, including the extreme bullying he experienced throughout his school years. He’s a courageous and beautiful soul who has risen above considerable challenges to become the fantastic son, partner, dad, friend, musician, educator, and all-around great person he is (and always was, really). I previously shared one of his songs, “Pick Me Up,” from his 2014 debut EP, Riverwood Avenue (which includes the searing “Fuck the NRA” that he wrote after our dear friends’ daughter was murdered in a 2012 school shooting in the USA; the EP is available to stream — or, better yet, buy — on Bandcamp).

“Staying Home” was also a pre-release single in December 2022.

Now you know a little about why this is my Song of the Day for Today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy the audio from the Kieran West YouTube topic channel (and click the thumb’s-up to show it some love!):

We’ll be back here tomorrow with the next track from Dark Little Ones. In the meantime, the album is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music and for purchase in the iTunes Store.

With my best wishes,


9 thoughts on “Staying Home

  1. Loved this song. I thought about going to Spotify and streaming the album but decided to wait until I have had the opportunity to read your blog on each of the songs first, and then listen to the album in its entirety after.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Kieran
    I’m here by the wood stove warmth and feeling your music in my whole body heart and grateful for your heart and soul and all your ancestors to this day. Your imagination and fellow artists are creative spirits and soul… a gift and inspiration for me, for many…for healing and joy.
    Thank you and love to your beloved family!

    Jeffrey Duvall

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Jeffrey, so nice to hear from you. I will pass your kind thoughts along to Kieran. I too am grateful for his big creative heart and soul. Much love.


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