Told You So

Ever since posting about the song “Philosophia” by Ireland’s The Guggenheim Grotto, I’ve listened several of their songs playing randomly on Apple Music and have had some suggested for me on YouTube. In 2012, the Connecticut, USA newspaper Hartford Courant referred to their style as “folk-influenced indie-pop.”

A piece of theirs that I hear often and like a lot is “Told You So.” It is a playful love song with a pleasant melody and beat. It starts with acoustic guitar and voice, then drums, vocal melodies, and then the rest of the backing musicians join in to create a light, toe-tapping piece.

While the writer is obviously enamoured with his lover, it seems he is also trying to analyze every experience instead of being free to be in the moment fully. Not always a helpful combination…

“When the world is wide, wicked and wild
And watching my every move
I gather thoughts of you and that’s what lovers do

You’ve said before when every act is a war
And every shade, just another shade of blue
You’d have me walk with you and that’s what lovers do

Told you so, I’m in love with you….
Told you so and I bet you love me too…

When you go walking away with the wind and the waves and
Flirting with your feet
You take a part of me and that’s what lovers feel

And when you come upon a time and place sublime and it
Shows you something real
You wish me there to see and that’s what lovers feel

At a party I’ve thrown the morning has grown and
Someone’s going your way
You tell them you’d rather stay and that’s what lovers say

So to the garden we go, quiet and slow and we
Watch the world awake
You know I love you for loves sake, isn’t that what lovers say?”

“Told You So,” by by The Guggenheim Grotto.
Lyrics retrieved from

When The Guggenheim Grotto came onto the American music scene in the early 2000s, there were comparisons to Simon & Garfunkel. I’m not sure I hear that, but with both being folk duos, I suppose I can see it.

“Told You So” comes from the album …Waltzing Alone (2006), the same collection as “Philosophia.”

Now you know a little about why this is my Song of the Day for Today. Thanks for joining me here, and please enjoy the audio from The Guggenheim Grotto YouTube topic channel:

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