These Are the Fables

I have previously posted another song by the Canadian indie rock supergroup, The New Pornographers, “Champions of Red Wine.” Lately, I’ve heard quite a few great songs by this group, and I enjoy their sound with the variety of singers and instruments they use in their music. Today’s selection is one I’ve listened to often, first hearing it on Apple Music.

The lead singer on “These Are the Fables” is American singer-songwriter Neko Case (b. 1970), with her distinctive contralto voice. I believe she is singing about imagination and its power to transform the mundane of the everyday into the stuff of storytellers and adventurers. Storytelling is a huge part of music, whether the song itself is the story or if the singer introduces a musical piece with a tale as great storytellers like Nanci Griffith and Corin Raymond do (and if you’ve been following along here, you’ll know Raymond is in Winnipeg, Canada this weekend to weave stories with his Bookmarks dramaturge piece, and to play some music, at the Crankie Festival).

“In coral and gray
In submarine chambers
One day
It swam for the light
The jewels that lit
The cities that float there
Cities in circles drawn perfect, complete
Holding the secrets on my street
My street, my street

So come in and play
The song of the siren
It’s commonplace
You hear the voice rise
In one wave
And crash on your doorstep
Making the circle here perfect, complete
These are the fables on my street

Ten thousand dancing girls
Kicking cans ‘cross the sky
No reason why
Why ask to pay yourself
For the call of the wild
You found this child
So raise him

And wind your back
Come back to the river
The currents speed by
And hope the men fear
The hammer comes down
So hard on the evening
Cracking the dawn of your
Days are repeat
These are fables on my street
My street, my street

Heaven shook Hell
And down from its pockets
The ring in your bell
It fell through your hands
Hang at your feet
The doors that won’t open
Marking the journey of our friends complete
These are the fables of my street
My street

My street, my street
Lay down in glory, you’re not alone

My street, my street
Lay down in glory, you’re not alone”

“These Are the Fables,” by A.C. Newman.
Lyrics retrieved from

The New Pornographers was set up in Vancouver in 1997 as a project on the side of the regular musical pursuits of the members, but it has built a significant following and continuity, releasing eight albums so far. With a rotation of lead singers and several songwriters, I find the band’s unique and varied sound enjoyable.

“These Are the Fables” comes from the band’s third studio album, Twin Cinema (2005).

Now you know a little about why this is my Song of the Day for Today. Thanks for joining me here.

Here’s the audio from The New Pornographers’ YouTube channel:

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