Everyday Is Like Sunday (from the film, Boys on the Side)

A song I often hear on Apple Music is “Everyday Is Like Sunday,” recorded by the English-American rock band, Pretenders. It’s title is a pleasant reminder to me whenever I hear the song that, in retirement, each day feels like it’s on a weekend. I remember the Pretenders from soon after they formed in 1978,Continue reading “Everyday Is Like Sunday (from the film, Boys on the Side)”

I Saved the World Today

On the way home yesterday afternoon after a delightful day caring for our youngest grandson, today’s selection played on Apple CarPlay in the car. I always smile when I hear the song as it came up on random play in early September 2022 when I was working late into the night on that election campaignContinue reading “I Saved the World Today”

Woman in Chains (feat. Oleta Adams)

Content warning: This post discusses issues of men’s violence against women. Yesterday afternoon, as occasionally happens, I received a hands-free phone call from one of our sons while he was driving to his home from work. He was excited to tell how he had just heard the “best song ever,” as he referred to “WomanContinue reading “Woman in Chains (feat. Oleta Adams)”

Isn’t It Amazing

Hello and happy Earth Day, friends! My apologies to subscribers for not publishing a post yesterday. I just didn’t have anything to say. Ever have days like that? Today’s selection came up on random play when I fired up Apple Music, settling in and warming up after spending two hours at a community clean-up withContinue reading “Isn’t It Amazing”

Monty Got a Raw Deal

The American band R.E.M. has been a steady favourite of mine since a friend introduced me to their music in the early 1980s. Their sound was unique, bold and adventurous, always set upon a solid alternative rock foundation; their music also journeyed into other post-punk sub-genres, including folk rock, college rock, jangle pop and baroqueContinue reading “Monty Got a Raw Deal”

Kiss from a Rose

Today has been another busy day, this time caring for one of our grandkids. I was already feeling fatigued after all the energy expended yesterday getting my bike set up and out to Birds Hill Park, then riding in a reasonably fierce wind (something I don’t encounter on the trainer all winter!), but it isContinue reading “Kiss from a Rose”

Wait for the Sun

Well, it seems like the wait is almost over! Today, the sun is trying really hard to shine through scattered clouds, the temperatures are finally climbing (Wednesday’s forecast for Winnipeg, Canada is for a high of 16°C/61°F), so outdoor cycling season seems within reach. To celebrate this morning, I watched the replay of this pastContinue reading “Wait for the Sun”

Here with Me

After publishing yesterday’s post, I put on Apple Music while preparing leftovers for dinner (Saturday’s pizza, which we always have with semi-homemade cole slaw). A song that came on almost immediately was “Here with Me,” the electropop/trip-hop 1999 debut single by the mononymous English singer-songwriter Dido (b. 1971; aka Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong).Continue reading “Here with Me”

7 Seconds

Content warning: This post includes discussion on bullying. Last summer, when volunteering on an election team (as I mention in an earlier post), I did a lot of writing for campaign announcements and often listened to music in the background. I heard several new-to-me songs I took note of for later, and today’s selection isContinue reading “7 Seconds”


Content warning: Today’s post deals with topics relating to mental health. In yesterday’s post, I told you about taking our grandson to The Leaf, a new conservatory Sweety and I have been going to a lot, sometimes just the two of us, and other times with either of our two local grandsons. On Thursdays, weContinue reading “Ophelia”

The Sea

This morning, “The Sea” by the English electronic trio Morcheeba came on random play as I ate breakfast, read and passively listened to music. I’ve previously posted two songs by Morcheeba, both from the same album: “Otherwise” and “Charango” (which is the title track of the 2002 collection). In “Otherwise,” I briefly mention today’s selection…Continue reading “The Sea”

Fortress Around Your Heart

Today is my 700th post on Song of the Day for Today! Thanks for joining me here. Let’s celebrate with some music, shall we? The English singer, songwriter, musician and actor Sting (aka Gordon Summer, b. 1951) is an artist I’ve admired since first hearing him as the lead singer and bassist of the post-punk,Continue reading “Fortress Around Your Heart”

Take It Back

Today, getting on the road to spend the day caring for our youngest grandson, the sprawling arena rock sounds of English progressive rock superstars Pink Floyd came to life on the car stereo with their environmental anthem, “Take It Back.” The song, from their album Division Bell (1994), is one I didn’t know before hearingContinue reading “Take It Back”

Come on Come on

Here at Song of the Day for Today, it’s back to regularly-scheduled programming, as they say, though today’s selection has a few similarities to the music we’ve read about and heard during the past nine days. I hope you had good time if you joined me to explore the full album, Dark Little Ones, byContinue reading “Come on Come on”

Walk on the Ocean

Today on the way home from a three-hour breakfast meetup with two of my brothers, one of the first songs to start playing randomly on Apple CarPlay was “Walk on the Ocean” by the American alternative rock band Toad the Wet Sprocket. It’s a song I’ve heard many times before but always in the background,Continue reading “Walk on the Ocean”


Well, since I started the week with a 1970s tune, then posted a song from the ’80s yesterday, I might as well go with that trend and feature something from the ’90s today for my 650th post on Song of the Day for Today. (Edit, Jan. 26: okay, I didn’t start with the 1970s… andContinue reading “Wonderful”

Precious Things

Well, from yesterday’s post on a 1980s song, let’s move on to the 90s! I’ve been a fan of the classically-trained American singer-songwriter and pianist Tori Amos (b. 1963) since one of our sons introduced me to her music through her 2001 covers album Strange Little Girls (please see my posts on her renditions ofContinue reading “Precious Things”

Everybody Here Wants You

Today’s selection is new to me, as would be most music by the American singer-songwriter and guitarist Jeff Buckley (1966-1997); I have never been familiar with his music, and certainly not during his short lifetime. I’ve previously posted a cover of “Song for the Siren,” by American musician Tim Buckley (1947-1975) and, for a while,Continue reading “Everybody Here Wants You”

Miss Sarajevo

In 1995, English musician, composer, producer, author and visual artist Brian Eno (b. 1948) teamed up with the Irish rock band U2 on a side project called Passengers. They released one album, Original Soundtracks 1. Eno chronicled the Passengers project in his 1995 diaries, published in 1996 as A Year with Swollen Appendices (the appendicesContinue reading “Miss Sarajevo”

Rhymes of an Hour

Today’s selection is a song whose title I mentioned in a July 2020 post. In that entry, I featured “Fade into You” by Santa Monica, California alternative rock band Mazzy Star. (Please check out my July 29, 2020 post for more information about the band.) Re-reading the post today, I saw that Elbow frontperson GuyContinue reading “Rhymes of an Hour”

Free to Decide

Sometimes in life, we get to a place of feeling absolute clarity about where we are, where we want to be, and the decisions — sometimes hard ones — that we need to make to get there. I think that’s what Dolores O’Riordan (1971-2018) was writing about with “Free to Decide,” the fourth track fromContinue reading “Free to Decide”

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Content warning: This post contains references to the Canadian Residential Schools system. This week, Canadian schools observe Truth and Reconciliation Week, while tomorrow, September 30, our country will pause to mark the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in our history. The day comes after much introspection and examination of our country’s past andContinue reading “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”

Golden Feather

Content warning:This post contains references to the Canadian Residential Schools system. The Canadian-born songwriter, musician, producer, film writer, actor and author Robbie Robertson is likely best known as the former songwriter and lead guitarist of The Band. They were vital in developing the Americana musical style. He has written such classics as “Broken Arrow,” “TheContinue reading “Golden Feather”

Shape of My Heart

The British artist Sting (aka Gordon Sumner) released “Shape of My Heart” as the fifth single from his wildly successful fourth solo album, Ten Summoner’s Tales (1993). Like “Wild Is the Wind,” “Sultans of Swing,” and many other songs, today’s selection sounds perfect for the ending credits of a film. And, in fact, Sting’s songContinue reading “Shape of My Heart”

Calling All Angels

Last night, my sweety and I watched an online conversation between American singer-songwriter, writer, producer, fisher, carpenter and philanthropist Brandi Carlile and Shelley Youngblut, CEO and Creative Ringleader of Wordfest, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on Wordfest’s Imagine On Air series. Wordfest held the event to promote Carlile’s just-released memoir, Broken Horses. We truly enjoyed theContinue reading “Calling All Angels”


Guy Garvey, the lead singer of the English band Elbow, is a big admirer of the Scottish group, The Blue Nile. I’ve only come to know the latter’s music through Garvey’s Sunday program on BBC 6 Music, Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour (in the afternoon in England; morning over here). I previously posted another song byContinue reading “Happiness”

It’s Just Another Morning Here

Yes, it’s just another morning here. It’s a Friday, though, so that means some of you will have few days off. And this weekend, pandemic restrictions are being lifted slightly here in Manitoba to allow gatherings of up to five people from two households, outside, on private property. It’s something, and I’m glad we’ll beContinue reading “It’s Just Another Morning Here”

Destination: Anywhere (from the film, The Commitments)

Happy Friday! Destination: anywhere? These days, it’s more like destination: nowhere. But being at home isn’t so bad now that summer is here. And my oh my, is it ever here. It was only two weeks ago that gardeners in Winnipeg, Canada were covering their plants overnight to protect against frost. Today, the temperature reachedContinue reading “Destination: Anywhere (from the film, The Commitments)”


I wouldn’t say I listen to the Cranberries that much, but I do like a lot of their music, including “When You’re Gone.” (As I mention in a January 2020 post, that is one of the tracks on Sweety’s and my wedding CD because of memories associated with the song.) Formed in 1989 in Limerick,Continue reading “Dreams”

Losing My Religion

It’s been a busy day of appointments plus a bike ride, a few phone calls and an online gathering before I took the time to sit down and complete today’s post. During a free moment this afternoon, I thought I’d visit my YouTube feed for a song idea. Of course, several of Rick Beato’s WhatContinue reading “Losing My Religion”

Washing of the Water

I’ve loved Peter Gabriel’s music for years. He’s one of the most amazing, influential and versatile musicians I’ve heard. I was introduced to his music by one of my high school friends, who was prominent in our group, though meek and mild and never pushed his presence. Thinking back, I admire that quiet strength. HeContinue reading “Washing of the Water”

Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot

Today, I had the gift of an online visit with some deeply soulful men who are close to me and essential in my life. It felt good to spend time together and share our life experiences, words of sorrow, hope, joy; many feelings, and much compassion. The gathering brought me near to these men inContinue reading “Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot”

Late Night Grande Hotel

Today’s song is another one of the selections from the mix-CD that Sweety and I gave out at “night-night time” to the small group of family and close friends who witnessed our marriage. In a previous post, I talked a little about how Nanci Griffith’s music has meant so much to us in our lifeContinue reading “Late Night Grande Hotel”


A friend, with whom I’ve connected, disconnected and reconnected several times over our 42-or-so years of knowing each other, introduced me to R.E.M. when they were becoming big in North America, particularly on college radio, when we reconnected around 1981-82. He was in community college at the time, and I was working an office jobContinue reading “Drive”