Idlewild (feat. Josephine Oniyama)

On a Saturday in October of last year, preparing for our weekly pizza and movie night after a massive bike ride, and when I was close to finishing a particularly trying five-month volunteer election campaign role, I heard the alternative/soft rock song “Idlewild” play on Apple Music. This piece of music has stuck with meContinue reading “Idlewild (feat. Josephine Oniyama)”

Sun in the Night

As this blog’s frequent visitors know, much of the music I share is from my collection, while many pieces come from Apple Music random play or YouTube suggestions. I am pretty faithful about liking/disliking songs on the streaming platforms to receive a “more tailored set of random selections” from them. Happily, the algorithms also strayContinue reading “Sun in the Night”

Whiteout Conditions

Content warning:This post mentions mental health issues. Whenever I hear a song by the Vancouver, Canada-based indie supergroup, The New Pornographers, I marvel at just what a super group they are. And every time we have another spring snowstorm here in Winnipeg, Canada, where I live, I think of the title, “Whiteout Conditions,” a powerContinue reading “Whiteout Conditions”

Morning Glories

The fifth annual Crankie Festival takes place this week from Friday to Sunday in Winnipeg, Canada, where I live. The music and art festival website describes the crankie as “a moving panorama, an old storytelling art form that was popular in the 18th century.” My sweety and I have attended most of these festivals, andContinue reading “Morning Glories”

Sign of the Times

Yesterday I was having another look at the video for Psychic Temple’s “When I Know,” as my sweety had commented about the drummer in the video. I hadn’t noticed him much in my earlier views of it, but a few shots of him show him really grooving to the music. Immediately after that video finished,Continue reading “Sign of the Times”

When I Know

This morning I heard another new-to-me song by a group I’d not heard of before. Interestingly, after featuring a piece a couple of days ago and being drawn to the banjo line in it, “When I Know,” by the California, USA-based musical project Psychic Temple, has a catchy string-driven melody with mandolin, double bass, andContinue reading “When I Know”

Rain Plans

Often when I hear a song, it reminds me of other music. Like I wrote yesterday, some tracks from the Pink Floyd album Division Bell reminded me of music from their earlier albums Animals, Wish You Were Here, and The Wall. Other times, a song will remind me of a completely different artist. Does thatContinue reading “Rain Plans”

Do I Wanna Know?

Yesterday for Classical Sunday, I featured a piece from a film soundtrack. And today, we’re staying with soundtracks; this time from the BBC TV series Peaky Blinders, which starred Irish actor Cillian Murphy (b. 1976) as the series’ lead role for the six seasons it ran between 2013 and 2022. Sweety and I recently startedContinue reading “Do I Wanna Know?”


Today’s selection is the only song I know by the indie folk/alternative rock band Villagers, formed in Dublin, Ireland, in 2008. I think I first heard “Home” on either KEXP Seattle or Apple Music. The song has an interesting structure wherein the single-line chorus, sung in group harmony, has no detachment from the verses, whichContinue reading “Home”

Once Upon Another Time

The first time I heard the music of American singer-songwriter and actor Sara Bareilles (b. 1979) was when I listened to “Winter Song,” co-written by her and fellow American singer, songwriter and actor Ingrid Michaelson (also b. 1979). It was a cover by the Canadian alternative folk/country trio, The Good Lovelies, performed during a musicalContinue reading “Once Upon Another Time”

Slow and Steady

I am confident that today’s selection will appeal to a dear friend and regular commenter who loves lyric videos. And I imagine he will like the song, too. The instrumentation is varied and creative, with dreamy sounds and interesting claps and other percussive elements that help make a warm and beautiful place that enwraps theContinue reading “Slow and Steady”

Picture You

The Swedish indie-pop/psychedelic rock band The Amazing is one Apple Music introduced to me. I didn’t know any of their songs other than today’s selection, “Picture You,” before playing some of their music as I sat down to write today’s post. So far, a feature of their music is psychedelia-infused guitar effects and synthesizers. TheContinue reading “Picture You”

Happy (from the film, Despicable Me 2)

It’s snowy and cold today in Winnipeg, Canada, where I live. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun. Just maybe not outside today, as it’s pretty windy on top of all that. So it was a good morning to do 55 kilometres (34 miles) on the indoor bike trainer with some pals onContinue reading “Happy (from the film, Despicable Me 2)”

Another Story

Today’s selection comes from the Seattle, Washington, USA-based indie-folk band, The Head and the Heart. I’m surprised I haven’t shared this one before; it’s a beautiful song. I don’t recall where I first heard “Another Story,” but I bought the track from the iTunes Store in November 2022, and it often plays on my AppleContinue reading “Another Story”

Lost on You

It’s been nearly three years since I posted a song by the American alternative rock singer, songwriter and musician LP (b. 1981 as Laura Pergolizzi), “Other People.” That song is one of a trio of favourites for one of my siblings (along with “Heaven” and “Everything Now”), and after us talking about it last weekend,Continue reading “Lost on You”


Do you ever feel like life needs a “reset” button when things are out of control? Or maybe things are so off-kilter that total reprogramming is what’s needed… That’s what Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-based Hannah Georgas (b. 1983) is saying in “Robotic.” “Someone fill me in on what I missedCome on give me hope, tellContinue reading “Robotic”

Solid Ground

Serendipitously, after yesterday’s “walk on the ocean,” today we’re back on solid ground. Browsing through some YouTube suggestions, I found an achingly beautiful video of English indie rock/soul singer-songwriter and musician Michael Kiwanuka (b. 1987) performing an acoustic version of his song “Solid Ground.” There is melancholy in the singer’s plea for help and reassurance,Continue reading “Solid Ground”

Exodus of the Year

Content warning: lyrics contain a cussword. Today on my circuitous look back at a few decades, we’re on to the 2010s and today’s random selection is by a group formed in the first year of that decade. Royal Canoe is an alternative pop band whose members come from my city, Winnipeg, Canada, and the neighbouringContinue reading “Exodus of the Year”


I first heard the music of English musician and singer-songwriter Nick Mulvey (b. 1984) on Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour which airs Sundays on BBC 6 Music. That program has been a staple of my musical diet for years, though I haven’t listened to it much in the last month or two. From the first listen,Continue reading “Unconditional”

The Old and the Young

After lunch and today’s aventure with one of our grandkids, I opened up Apple Music on my laptop and “The Old and the Young,” by the Denton, Texas, USA folk-rock sestet Midlake, was the first song to play. Today’s selection is about holding onto dignity and grace while aging. Younger folk sometimes see older peopleContinue reading “The Old and the Young”


Many people are familiar with the British guitarist, singer-songwriter and record producer Mark Knopfler (b. 1949). If not, they’d probably know of Dire Straits, the band he co-founded and fronted from 1977-1988 and 1990-1995. Dire Straits burst onto the music scene in 1978 with their debut, self-titled album. Side two of the record opens withContinue reading “Seattle”

Champions of Red Wine

I can’t remember for sure but think I first heard “Champions of Red Wine” by Canadian indie rock group The New Pornographers on KEXP Seattle’s The Morning Show with John Richards. Either that, or on Apple Music. Anyway, The New Pornographers aren’t a band I know much about, though after reading about them today IContinue reading “Champions of Red Wine”

Nothing Good Comes to Those Who Wait

Nine years after its release, I still find the alternative rock compilation Arts & Crafts: X a captivating grouping of musical brilliance. No wonder it is one of my favourite compilation albums. I’ve previously posted about two other tracks from the album: the hypnotic and brooding tale of a solo travelling musician, “Lonely Is asContinue reading “Nothing Good Comes to Those Who Wait”

Line of Fire

Today’s selection is a song I’ve heard many times on Apple Music, and have thought several times about sharing. It’s by Junip, a Swedish rock band. A trio of childhood friends, Jose Gonzalez, Elias Araya and Tobias Winterkorn, formed the band in 1998. Araya left the group around 2010, and the remaining duo has keptContinue reading “Line of Fire”

Fever to the Form

Music or madness? Quite possibly, it’s one or the other. If you’re like me, music is an integral part of your life and brings you enjoyment and connection to emotions, and maybe your creativity. And solace in low times. Today, songs were playing randomly on Apple Music, and I heard the unmistakable and soothing voiceContinue reading “Fever to the Form”

Bizarre Love Triangle

Today’s selection is a cover of a song by the English post-punk band New Order from their 1986 album Brotherhood. (For other songs by New Order, please see my posts on “Love Vigilantes,” “Your Silent Face,” and “Crystal.”) Nouvelle Vague is a French cover band that I’ve featured once before. A friend had enthusiastically toldContinue reading “Bizarre Love Triangle”

Neon Noon

Happy holidays, friends, and blessings to you on the sacred and secular traditions you celebrate at this time of year. I’m sorry for bailing on last week’s Classical Sunday. It was a day of rest and reflection on the many blessings in our lives, including a new grandchild (as mentioned in my previous post), andContinue reading “Neon Noon”

Artificial Nocturne

I don’t remember how I came to know the music of the Canadian band Metric. It might have been through CBC Radio 3, the public broadcaster’s internet-based station. At any rate, I know that when I discovered them, I was hooked. Founded in 1998 in Toronto, Ontario, by Emily Haines and James Shaw–who are alsoContinue reading “Artificial Nocturne”

Touch the Sky

Black Pumas is a psychedelic soul music group I featured in January after hearing their song “Colors” earlier that month on The Morning Show with John Richards on KEXP Seattle (which, by the way, I have not listened to very much lately). I updated that post a couple of days later after serendipitously hearing theContinue reading “Touch the Sky”

Scale It Back

When I hear the term “DJ,” I still think of the person playing prerecorded music at the front of a hall for a social evening (please see my post on “Sunshine on Leith” or, more recently, “Just the Way You Are,” for the lowdown on that Manitoba phenomenon). But my recent experiences have shown meContinue reading “Scale It Back”


Since the summer of 2020, I’ve featured a piece of classical music each Sunday. The song “‘Heroes’” from the album of the same title, the second in David Bowie’s (1947-2016) “Berlin Trilogy,” a song co-written with Brian Eno, is certainly not a classical piece. However, it is definitely a rock classic and likely one ofContinue reading ““Heroes””

call the police

One of the most beloved songs on my Car Tunes playlist is the American rock band LCD Soundsystem’s dance-punk anthem, “call the police.” Whenever this song comes on the car stereo system, I crank the volume and get lost in band member and co-founder of DFA Records James Murphy’s fantastic drum fills, as well asContinue reading “call the police”


Content warning:This post contains references to the Canadian Residential Schools system. I don’t know a lot of the music of the Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit, though I have posted two of their songs already: “Cedar Lane,” back in the first week of this blog, then“Emmylou” (a tribute to the country singer Emmylou Harris)Continue reading “Fireworks”

Cups (When I’m Gone) (from the film, Pitch Perfect)

For all the bad press it gets, the internet can be a magical place. This evening, after four big meetings/gatherings on Zoom through the day, some housework, phone calls, and then dinner in the summer porch made by my sweety, I finally settled down to write today’s post. I was looking through a few songsContinue reading “Cups (When I’m Gone) (from the film, Pitch Perfect)”

Hard on Things

Tonight my sweety and I will be watching the last in a series of three spring/summer online concerts by Canadian singer-songwriter and dramaturgist Corin Raymond. The show is being produced through Canada’s Home Routes, a non-profit organization established by founders of the Winnipeg Folk Festival and the West End Cultural Centre. Home Routes also presentsContinue reading “Hard on Things”

Cold Little Heart

The official music video of a live studio session for British singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer Michael Kiwanuka’s “Cold Little Heart” has persistently appeared in my YouTube feed, and today I finally gave in and watched it. Wow. It’s stunning. The video begins with a compelling introduction that goes on for six-and-a-half minutes after a studioContinue reading “Cold Little Heart”

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Some months back, I listened to an episode of Irish actor and music aficionado Cillian Murphy’s BBC 6 Music guest host program, Cillian Murphy’s Limited Edition (“Volume 6: Music for After Dark,” from November 23, 2020). Murphy has also sat in on Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour when the Elbow frontperson has been away touring orContinue reading “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino”

The Course

Today I’m sharing a folk song I heard during an online gathering over a month ago and which has stayed with me since. “The Course” is a stirring, soulful anthem by Ayla Nereo, a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, dancer and filmmaker from northeastern California, USA. The song evokes, for me, a sense of fellowship and the togethernessContinue reading “The Course”

Things to Live For

Jackson Maloney is an American poet and singer-songwriter living and creating art in Colorado, USA. I came to know him through a mutual friend and at online community gatherings held early in the 2020 lockdown, including early-morning poetry sharing sessions. He released his first collection of poems, Becoming, in 2018, and the ten-song album ThingsContinue reading “Things to Live For”

Raconte-moi Une Histoire

I woke up feeling optimistic this morning. Then, my consciousness was flooded by various conflicts or challenges and the general feeling of missing being free to be near all those I care about deeply. ‘Tis the season… or year. Fortunately, John Richards was back at the helm this morning for KEXP Seattle’s The Morning ShowContinue reading “Raconte-moi Une Histoire”

Clear Desert Night

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Sweety and I planned to drive out of the city last night to try to view some of the Perseid meteor shower.  We left home a bit before 10:00 pm and arrived at Birds Hill Provincial Park about three-quarters of an hour later. We tried viewing the sky fromContinue reading “Clear Desert Night”

When I Come Home

I paused the blog yesterday out of respect for the music industry’s Blackout Tuesday movement. It was a day of action, not without its complications and controversy as there were varying opinions on what people should or should not post or hashtag. In the end, I did what felt right in my heart, to showContinue reading “When I Come Home”

My Shadow

Content warning: contains discussion of bullying. Sweety and I saw the band Keane play in the Winnipeg theatre affectionately known as “The Walker” on September 16, 2009, and also gave tickets to our already active musician lad, Kieran as an early birthday present. It was an excellent concert; we all loved it. The band wasContinue reading “My Shadow”

The Law and the Lonesome

I first met up with and heard Canadian troubadour and national treasure Corin Raymond when one of our sons (Kieran West and His Buffalo Band; watch for them and other KW music projects on these pages) opened for Raymond in February 2015 at Winnipeg, Canada’s best honky-tonk, the Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club onContinue reading “The Law and the Lonesome”