Never Gonna Be Alone

Content warning: This post mentions mental health issues. Today I’ve been feeling scattered as if there was something I had to do but couldn’t remember what. Do you ever have days like that? And despite having a long list of songs I want to post at some time, there wasn’t one burning in me toContinue reading “Never Gonna Be Alone”

If The Loneliness Don’t Kill Me

It may be evident from the title that today’s selection is a country song. The Hamilton, Ontario, Canada-based folk-rock duo Melissa McClelland (b. 1979) and Luke Doucet (b. 1973) are an absolute powerhouse who cross several genres with their music and make their mark in each style. One of our sons took us to aContinue reading “If The Loneliness Don’t Kill Me”

Signs of Springtime

This week has been busy, and I’m feeling drained after a strenuous workout today on the indoor bike trainer. I plan to relax before we head out to the first night of the Crankie Festival, which I have been telling you about this week. A few musicians we know will be performing throughout the event,Continue reading “Signs of Springtime”

World Stops Turning

In searching for something in a style I haven’t focused much on in this blog, I went through The 100 Best Songs of 2022 playlist from Apple Music. I found a song by a band I’ve never intentionally listened to, the Ontario, Canada, post-hardcore, hard rock band Alexisonfire. Alexisonfire (pronounced Alexis on fire) is aContinue reading “World Stops Turning”

Start All Over Again

We’re on to the seventh track in our review of Dark Little Ones, the new album by Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Kieran West. We started a week ago with “Staying Home.” Today’s song, “Start All Over Again,” picks up the tempo with a drum-driven melody anchored by a distorted electric guitar. It’s a story ofContinue reading “Start All Over Again”

My Older Brother

Content warning:Today’s post and song deal with issues of mental health. Welcome here. Followers of this blog know that on Sundays, I post a piece of classical music. That feature is pre-empted this week as we’re partway through a deep dive into my son Kieran’s new album. Today I’m featuring the sixth track in ourContinue reading “My Older Brother”

First Skate / Last Skate

Welcome to day five of this series on Song of the Day for Today where we’re looking at Kieran West’s new album, Dark Little Ones. If you’re just joining us now, you can also head back to the first “Staying Home” post and catch up. We’ll sit and wait for you right here at theContinue reading “First Skate / Last Skate”

The Day We Made You Cut Your Hair (for I.L.)

Content warning: This post and song contain references to the Canadian Residential Schools system and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirited. This week we’re delving into Dark Little Ones, the new album released on February 4 by Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Kieran West. Each day, we’re looking at one of the nine songsContinue reading “The Day We Made You Cut Your Hair (for I.L.)”

Daisy Bay (featuring Sweet Alibi)

Today’s post is the second in a special series of nine on Song of the Day for Today. Each post will feature a song from Kieran West’s latest album, Dark Little Ones (2023). For some of my son Kieran’s musical history, please visit the first post in the series, “Staying Home.” Today’s track is “DaisyContinue reading “Daisy Bay (featuring Sweet Alibi)”

Lucky Few

This week I’ve taken an abbreviated tour of the decades, and today, we’re up to the current one. The first song I listened to today from the 2020s on Apple Music random play was “Lucky Few,” by indie/folk-rock singer, songwriter and musician Tim Baker of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. Hearing the openingContinue reading “Lucky Few”

Like I Used To

Today is a grandchild caregiving day with another outing to The Leaf in Winnipeg, Canada, then out for lunch, and tonight I’ll be going to a retirement dinner to celebrate a former colleague. The latter will be my first large gathering since the pandemic began, and the first time I’ll see some of my formerContinue reading “Like I Used To”

Hit the Coast

Last summer, when I started writing down the names of songs for future posts on Song of the Day for Today, one of the first titles I recorded was “Hit the Coast,” by the Baltimore, Maryland, USA-based synth-pop group, Future Islands. Soon after, I added their hit, “Seasons (Waiting on You).” The latter track wasContinue reading “Hit the Coast”

Crystal Caving

The song “Crystal Caving” sometimes plays from the personalized choices Apple Music serves up on its “Steve’s Station” playlist while I prepare the toppings for our traditional Saturday pizza, for pizza and movie night. My sweety simmers marinara sauce in large batches and freezes it, and creates the crust. I make the toppings and bakeContinue reading “Crystal Caving”

Warning Signs

Today, Song of the Day for Today is three years old! Thanks for dropping by today to share a little music together. Music is such a powerful force in life. It can influence moods, motivate and move us, create community, and enrich us. Happy, sad or in-between songs, all music can be inspirational and therapeutic.Continue reading “Warning Signs”

Both Sides Now (from the film, CODA)

As a person born with the miraculous gift of hearing, I savour the sounds of music, people and the world, every single day. Music has such power that it can elicit many moods and feelings. Each morning, I turn on my computer and speakers and listen to music while going about my morning routines. It’sContinue reading “Both Sides Now (from the film, CODA)”

Spring Frost

Today’s selection is the eighth track I’ve shared from the 2020 collaboration album Mixing Colours by English ambient musicians and brothers Brian Eno and Roger Eno. In my June 2021 post on “Iris,” I provide a link to an earlier post that, in turn, links to the other six. The extended 18-track collection was theContinue reading “Spring Frost”

Bright Star

I recently saw that the North Carolina, USA singer-songwriter and poet Jonathan Byrd featured “Bright Star” on his Facebook page. The song is written and performed by American singer-songwriter and playwright Anais Mitchell. The piece, which premiered in late October, has a simple but lovely melody and beautiful vocals. I think it’s a love balladContinue reading “Bright Star”

Wading in Waist-High Water

Today, heading out to an appointment, I had an intense craving to hear Fleet Foxes’ recent album, Shore (2020). I’ve previously shared another song from that collection, “Quiet Air / Gioia.” (That’s a terrific song, by the way; if you don’t know it, please check out my post on it.) The album, the band’s fourth,Continue reading “Wading in Waist-High Water”


It’s always a pleasure to hear from My Song of the Day for Today readers, either through comments on posts or via emails to me through the Contact link on the website. Yesterday morning, I received a lovely email from English writer, musician and entrepreneur Andy Hobsbawm, who shared a song by Louisiana, USA-born andContinue reading “Wonderland”

Crystalline Pools

A couple of months ago, I posted some music that had been shared with me, by Michigan, USA-based Seth Bernard. (Please see my post on “Sandman’s Dust” for more on him and his work and art.) This week, Bernard released a new single and music video, “Crystalline Pools.” On the Bandcamp page for the song,Continue reading “Crystalline Pools”

13 Minutes to the Moon (Theme Music)

On Friday, when sharing Cilla Black’s “Work Is a Four-Letter Word,” I told you a little about Amy Lamé’s program on BBC 6 Music. After finishing her February 28 program installment, I started looking at other program subscriptions on the BBC Sounds app. There I saw links to 13 Minutes to the Moon, a podcastContinue reading “13 Minutes to the Moon (Theme Music)”