Start All Over Again

We’re on to the seventh track in our review of Dark Little Ones, the new album by Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Kieran West. We started a week ago with “Staying Home.” Today’s song, “Start All Over Again,” picks up the tempo with a drum-driven melody anchored by a distorted electric guitar. It’s a story ofContinue reading “Start All Over Again”

My Older Brother

Content warning:Today’s post and song deal with issues of mental health. Welcome here. Followers of this blog know that on Sundays, I post a piece of classical music. That feature is pre-empted this week as we’re partway through a deep dive into my son Kieran’s new album. Today I’m featuring the sixth track in ourContinue reading “My Older Brother”

First Skate / Last Skate

Welcome to day five of this series on Song of the Day for Today where we’re looking at Kieran West’s new album, Dark Little Ones. If you’re just joining us now, you can also head back to the first “Staying Home” post and catch up. We’ll sit and wait for you right here at theContinue reading “First Skate / Last Skate”

The Day We Made You Cut Your Hair (for I.L.)

Content warning: This post and song contain references to the Canadian Residential Schools system and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirited. This week we’re delving into Dark Little Ones, the new album released on February 4 by Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Kieran West. Each day, we’re looking at one of the nine songsContinue reading “The Day We Made You Cut Your Hair (for I.L.)”

Daisy Bay (featuring Sweet Alibi)

Today’s post is the second in a special series of nine on Song of the Day for Today. Each post will feature a song from Kieran West’s latest album, Dark Little Ones (2023). For some of my son Kieran’s musical history, please visit the first post in the series, “Staying Home.” Today’s track is “DaisyContinue reading “Daisy Bay (featuring Sweet Alibi)”

Gimme Shelter

So, I have a confession to make. I’ve never been a follower of the Rolling Stones. Yeah, really. It’s not a value judgment but, like pretty well no one else I know, I’ve just never been strongly drawn to them, for whatever reason. It’s interesting, though: two years ago in February, I heard a localContinue reading “Gimme Shelter”

Handshake the Gangster

Warning: this song contains a cuss-word! I can’t remember how many times I’ve seen the Canadian band Hey Rosetta! perform live. But, I have probably seen almost every Winnipeg gig they played before they announced an indefinite hiatus in 2017. My introduction to the group, formed in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador in 2005, wasContinue reading “Handshake the Gangster”

Home to You

The last live, in-person music show my sweety and I saw was just over a year ago: March 6, 2020. And it was a house concert… in our home! Canadian alternative/indie singer-songwriter Danielle Dayton added our address to a tour of Saskatchewan and Manitoba promoting the release of her single, “Lady Luck.” The bluesy-styled artistContinue reading “Home to You”

Dreaming of You

Hey, it’s another Friday, folks! Another challenging week here in Manitoba, learning of new record numbers of COVID-19 cases, a health-care system under strain, a lockdown 2.0, and deaths rising at a frightening rate. One of the few politicians I genuinely respect, Calgary, Alberta mayor Naheed Nenshi, spoke today at a televised press conference carriedContinue reading “Dreaming of You”

Pick Me Up

Have you ever had a close relative or friend that you knew you could count on, no matter what? If so, isn’t that the most amazingly comforting thing, ever? Especially when you truly need it? Life hands us all sorts of things, and some are bad; some of them are hardwired into us, some happenContinue reading “Pick Me Up”

The Pretender

Foo Fighters was formed in Seattle by former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl in 1994 after that band dissolved following Kurt Cobain’s death. I don’t know their music very well and only have their Greatest Hits album. The one song of theirs I know and listen to, often, is The Pretender. It’s a high-energy rock piece.Continue reading “The Pretender”

Spanish Pipedream

As the music world reacts this week to the death of John Prine from complications of a coronavirus infection, I have seen numerous friends posting his songs in memory of the American country-folk icon. I have never been very familiar with John Prine (I only recently learned he was the writer of a song thatContinue reading “Spanish Pipedream”

Lady Luck

Last night, my sweety and I hosted a sold-out house concert by Edmonton-based blues singer/songwriter Danielle Dayton. She is touring Saskatchewan and Manitoba, promoting her latest single, “Lady Luck.” The show in our living room opened with a set of wonderful music by our son, Kieran West. After our lad’s set, the audience of 30Continue reading “Lady Luck”

Gimme Sympathy

The Canadian band Metric released the album Synthetica in 2012. I played it a lot, and bought three versions: there was the original release; the deluxe version (which included several acoustic versions of songs from the album, including “Gimme Sympathy,” the plugged-in rendition of which — and today’s selection — was on their Fantasies album…Continue reading “Gimme Sympathy”