Baby Don’t Go

Mary Wilson (1944-2021) was a founding member of the Motown act, The Supremes. The group formed in 1959 as the Primettes (a sister act to the Primes, which later morphed into the Temptations). She remained with the group through many personnel changes, including the departures of fellow founders Betty McGlown, Florence Ballard and Diana Ross,Continue reading “Baby Don’t Go”

Smiling Faces Sometimes

I was thinking this morning about songs on the topics of betrayal and back-stabbing. The first song I found was “The Back Stabbers” by the O’Jays. Then I found today’s selection, “Smiling Faces Sometimes,” by The Undisputed Truth. It was originally recorded by the Temptations, in 1971, running for about 12 minutes. The version byContinue reading “Smiling Faces Sometimes”